Rapid Response

If you have a website generating leads,

we know what you want:

  • no junk
  • no time-sinks
  • qualified leads
  • no wasted opportunities
  • convert inquiries to opportunities
  • keep sales staff in front of qualified prospects

Lets face it: responding to inquiries is not a good use of your subject matter experts' time. You want them CLOSING deals, not answering questions.

The way we work is simple.

You set your lead-generating tools to email us as soon as there is an inquiry. You can also set your phone system to forward calls to us. We respond to inquiries within minutes.

You provide us with the criteria for a qualified lead. We develop a script based on your offering and market advantage. We use powerful research tools to learn about people making inquiries before or during calls. When we determine that the inquiry meets your expectations, we set an appointment or forward information to you.

Just send us an email to get started.